Brut is not a brand, it’s a white label, our approach is minimal, handcrafted, fair and sustainable. Based on 2 collections, a permanent one, focusing on basic and contemporary blank clothing and goods, and a capsule one, called the “Artists Serie”, offering artists to express themselve on tee shirts which will be further hand-screenprinted and numbered.

As a white label, it’s not about printing a huge logo on a tee shirt and ask you to buy it, you’re not a billboard, we want our products to serve a purpose, to be intentional, mindful, ethical and socially useful, these are the reasons why every products will be locally made, why a part of profits will go to charities, why our greatest achievement would be to bring you joy and to satisfy your needs using our things.

To make this project a reality, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign, so, we will need you. If you want to be a part of it and stay updated, please join the mailing list here.

Check the info page for more about us